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It’s pretty disappointing that we can’t look to the most famous movies in the erotic genre for unsimulated sex. Films like Deep Throat (1972) or Debbie Does Dallas (1978) were ground-breakers of their time, but actually didn’t go that far. The list of studio-grade films willing to “go all the way” is actually pretty slim, because big-budget productions are scared of being rated ‘X’.

1)Don’t Look Now (1973)

This underappreciated British classic is a mild, atmospheric horror story based on the Daphne du Maurier novel. It has Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland playing a married couple who have tragically lost their child, but are haunted with tantalizing clues that their child might secretly still be alive. In between, they’re shown making love as married couples do.

2)Intimacy (2001)

Awards from the 2001 Berlin Film Festival validate this British art film by French director Patrice Chéreau. Part of the “French Extremity” wave of film-making at the turn of the century, it has an oral sex scene.

3)The Brown Bunny (2003)

Vincent Gallo is an under-appreciated genius so far, but this 2003 road trip movie is still bumping his resume. For having an oral sex scene, it still managed to get a thumbs-up from critic Roger Ebert. On a side note, if you want more Vincent Gallo, go see Arizona Dream (1993), because this unknown masterpiece will cure your cancer.

4)9 Songs (2004)

You name it, they do it in this 2004 Britisharthouse drama about a young couple whose main bond is their shared love of live music concerts. They show sex, and they include every detail! Somehow, it still made the cut at Cannes.

5)Shortbus (2006)

A 2006 American erotic comedy by director John Cameron Mitchell, it’s about an ensemble cast scraping by in the Big Apple. Includes several sex scenes including oral and wanking.

6)Caligula (1979)

This infamous flop makes many lists of the worst movies ever made. In between its excruciating hours of boring idiocy, producer Bob Guccione inserted several sex scenes into the cut over the cast’s protests, because it was originally intended as a historical drama.

7)Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)

A unique Canadian / German “queer cinema”arthouse piece, this film shows some hardcore gay sex in all its glory. It’s also pretty weird, as it involves zombies and politics – two great tastes that taste great together!

8)Romance (1999)

A steamy 1999 French art house project directed by Catherine Breillat, as an indulgent pet project to explore her dirty-old-lady fantasies. Has not just open sex, oral, and wanking, but bondage too. Be sure to get the European uncut version.

9)Love (2015)

Yet another arthouse erotic drama, this time by director Gaspar Noé. Open sex is shown, and not only that, but it’s in 3-D as well! That puts it in a class by itself where it will doubtless remain for quite some time.

10)Enter the Void (2009)

Another by Gaspar Noé, this bizarre psychedelic film is about a drug dealer who gets shot in a police incident but goes on as a voyeuristic ghost over the neon-lit nightclubs of Tokyo. He witnesses many things, including extended hardcore sex scenes.