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Some commentators have cynically observed that it’s a harder job finding non-sexy Halloween costumes for women, but we digress. The “top” costumes will always be a matter of opinion or fashion, especially if there’s a popular new movie out! In 2018, the re-skin of John Carpenter’s Halloween sent droves of women to throw together a Jamie Lee Curtis outfit.

But if you’re here, you’re likely emphasizing the “sexy” first and the “Halloween” second. If you’re going for your slutty best, you’ll be looking to appeal to the most common fantasy subjects. That’s easy enough to figure out…

1) Cheerleader

Duh! The cheerleader is the epitome of male-gazing fantasy. Cheerleader costumes are every jock’s happy high school memory because those cheerleaders were the first exposure they had to women dressed up like presents at the exact hour of their peak testosterone levels. Bonus points for dressing up in the team colors of your local alma mater.

2) Nurse

It’s corny and a cliché, but still stupidly popular. Sexy nurses are a staple sexual fantasy, because you’re frequently naked in the presence of a nurse, it’s her job to put her hands on you in a familiar way, and she’s supposed to make you feel all better! Add some layers to it with creativity: Be a sex-clinic nurse accessorized by condoms and dildos, a scary “mad scientist” nurse with a glowing hypo of reagent (Re-Animator reference), and so on.

3) Cop

“You’re under arrest, sugar!” There’s not too much room for variation with a cop, but the general theme appeals to the bondage and discipline fetish. By all means, brandish those handcuffs and make lots of cavity search jokes.

4) Nun

Sexy nuns are a huge thing every year. Catholicism is the most over-represented religion in horror movies, starting with The Exorcist and moving right through to recent years in The Conjuring universe, culminating in the movie The Nun. For sexy nuns, focus on the most depraved desecration to appeal to that “naughty” vibe. A crucifix made out of vibrators? Let your imagination run wild!

5) Devil

Pretty self-explanatory. Not much room for creativity here, but it’s all in how you play it. Of course, another religion-themed outfit, just playing for the other side.

6) Superhero (or villain)

Any female from the comics franchises will work here, hero or villain: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy. Easy, store-bought option. Superhero movies have been the biggest thing in media for two decades now, and will never die.

7) Bellydancer / Geisha

The general class of female roles used for entertaining. You can juice this up for whatever role is appropriate for your own cultural heritage. Bonus points for taking some dancing lessons.

8) Schoolteacher / Librarian

A difficult look to pull off for Halloween, as not everybody will “get it,” but with the right vibe you will appeal to those geeky male hormones bubbling to the surface.

9) Faerie / Elf

The fantasy role-playing appeal! Perfect for hanging out with a crowd of D&D geeks, Magic: The Gathering players, or Ren-Faire nerds.

10) Witch

Almost forgot this one? Witches are definitely the most faded Halloween archetype but,now and then, a movie revives the culture.